Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Global Day of Prayer

Global Day of Prayer Sunday, May 31st, 2009

HALIFAX LOCATION: The Halifax Citadel Parade Square on CITADEL HILL

Time: 6:30pm to 9:00pm

The Global Day of Prayer began in Capetown, South Africa in 2001. People felt called to pray together in repentance for sin and to call upon God's mercy upon the world. The goal is to have every nation in the world participating by the year 2010.
So far, 240 countries have taken part.

It seems that these mass prayer meetings, held outdoors for the most part, are a movement of the Holy Spirit for our millenium. The Call, The Cry, 40 Days for Life, they all share the mission of praying together in public, in a spirit of repentance, and to bear witness to God's sovereignty in the world.

Perhaps it is the secularism of our world, the galloping atheism, the return to paganism through New Age, witchcraft, etc, that makes it necessary for us as Christians to do our praying in a public place for all the world to see. I cannot help but think that God is giving us the strength to do this as a united body for Him, and that we gain strength from one another. Lord knows, I could not do this solo. But in a massed gathering, I'm all for it.

So come to Citadel Hill on Sunday night if you can possibly make it. Do not be nervous, there will be plenty of your brothers and sisters there to support you. If you are from Halifax, you know that Citadel Hill is the place where homosexuals meet up with others for anonymous sexual encounters. And it is the site of male prostitution. It is very fitting, therefore, that we pray there, because this is certainly one of the most distressing features of our modern society. And God would have His truth spoken there in the midst of it all. Amen.

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