Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Reality of Abortion

The video above shows a film taken inside an abortion facility in Wisconsin. This abortion clinic recently began doing late term abortions.

Several things to note: all the girls who speak are single, in relationships that are not desirable; as they say themselves, they are not ready to take on parenting.
Now, I am really mad - why the hell do they get into these relationships then? why do women think that sex is an integral part of their relationship with men, but that the results - babies - are not?

Another thing to note is the compassionate tone of the doctor, commending the patient on "doing well" - sheesh, he is handling the body parts of a human being and congratulating the mother on her part in this murder!

How sick are we as a society that we can look at abortion and find things commendable in it?

h/t Jill Stanek


Jaclyn said...

Just when I think I can't get any more infuriated by the injustice of abortion, I see something like this.

"He doesn't care if I have the child or abort the child", one woman said. THE CHILD!! She knows it's a CHILD, and she's still willing to go ahead with it!

The thing I can't believe is that they all (including the doctor) talk about how they can't be a parent right now - they need to go to school, have a better relationship, etc. Why do these women so rarely consider adoption? Nobody's asking them to raise their babies - just bring them to term, and generously give them to someone who IS ready, willing and able to parent them. I wonder what can be done to make adoption a more widely-considered option...

Julie said...

Amen to that, especially when the time to wait for infant adoption is nine years in Canada!