Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fooled by Appearances

5,000,000 hits on YouTube can't be wrong. A 47 year old church volunteer brought the audience to their feet and the judges admitted that this was the biggest surprise of the Britain's Got Talent's three year run.

Susan Boyle told the judges that her dream was to be a professional singer and she may be well on her way with this performance. What is so touching is that someone who looked so ordinary and, well actually frumpy, could have a voice of such beauty. How we misjudge, how we underestimate. I loved watching the judges' faces change from cynical and snickering to stunned during her performance.

Talent show singer is online hit

The video is disabled so I can only give you the link. But do take 5 minutes and watch, it is well worth it.

Susan Boyle on YouTube


Elena said...

i wept through that whole performance. what an indomitable woman. the whole thing reminded me of the Scripture speaking of Jesus, "He had no appearance that we should esteem him."

Julie Culshaw said...

Dad said he didn't know why but he wanted to cry through it too. There is just something so beautiful about this unassuming little woman with an amazing voice. I loved the smile that kept creeping over Simon Cowell's face.

Elena said...

her choice of song was also quite appropriate.

Julie Culshaw said...

Now there is a second talent emerged, a man with the name Paul Potts (he will need a stage name) who has a beautiful tenor voice.
I heard that Simon Cowell is thinking of quitting American Idol, as he is involved with three shows and American Idol dictates 4 transatlantic flights per week. Given the show of talent in England compared with American Idol, I think he should quit just on the fact that the offerings over this side of the ocean are paltry compared with those of UK.